A Simple Solution for 3D

Text to Motion
Video to Motionplay

Text to Motion

Creating motion at your fingertips

Text-to-motion technology harnesses generative AI to transform written content into captivating visual experiences. Our system bridges imagination and reality, empowering industries like entertainment, marketing, and education.


Video to Motion

Looking back at oneself in virtual reality

This technology is a groundbreaking solution that extracts motions from videos and replicates them with astonishing accuracy using 3D models. The boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are blurred, unlocking a new era of metaverse.

Technology Beyond

Simulating Robots with AI

Our robot simulator technology is a game-changing solution that utilizes motion data to accurately simulate the movements of real robots. By leveraging advanced algorithms and generative AI, our system analyzes intricate motion data and translates it into a realistic virtual representation.

Academic Advisor

A vision supported by experts

Taehyun Oh

Professor at Postech

Algorithmic Machine Intelligence Lab.

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Sungjoon Choi

Professor at Korea University

Robot Learning Lab.

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