Introducing Neuroid

Neuroid is an AI-powered tool for quickly and easily creating complex 3D models and animations, allowing users to bring their creative ideas to life and improve their skills

Compatible With
unrealunreal3ds maxMAYAUnityBlender

A New Era of Generative AI

A system based on AI

Neuroid leverages the extraordinary capabilities of generative AI to transform the world of 3D motion design. Powered by generative AI, Neuroid transcends traditional motion creation techniques by autonomously generating intricate and realistic movements. By analyzing vast datasets and learning from a wide range of motion patterns, Neuroid unlocks an unprecedented level of creativity and efficiency in the motion design process.

Asset Store

Save time with premade high quality motions

These curated assets represent the culmination of human creativity and the immense capabilities of generative AI. Each motion asset has been intelligently generated using advanced algorithms, ensuring a vast array of lifelike movements.

AI Human Studio

A virtual AI Studio with a
click of a button

AI Human Studio analyzes extensive datasets of human features, expressions, and behaviors. This enables us to generate intricate digital humans that bear an astonishing resemblance to their real-life counterparts. From nuanced facial features and expressions to lifelike body movements and gestures, our technology captures the essence of human characteristics with impressive precision.

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